About us

Our company apart from transport services in their own cars also provides a full range of forwarding services. Our team of experienced forwarders provide professional customer service.

We try to give you high quality of serrvices by expanding and modernization of our fleet. Thanks to high qualifications of our fright forwarders our services are at very high European level.

In care of our customers, our forwarders are availble for whole day on their mobile number. allowing for quick and efficient response to customer needs.

Besides our own transport we co-operate with appropriately selected group of carriers. This allows us to efficiently transport projects assigned to us.

Looking at increasing restrictions on  environmental regulations, we oblige our carriers to use the stock that meets at least Euro 5 environmental standards.

We have endless possibilities in the organization loads from any location to the destination. Knowledge and experience of our staff guarantee the reliability and punctuality of

transport worldwide.

Through the flexibility of their actions and individual approach to each client, we are an effective partner in the implementation of plans for an extremely fast-growing market in road transport.